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Harvest Campaign : Discount on nutmeg testing

Shortly the harvest season of nutmeg begins in India and Sri Lanka. In May and June the fruits will be plucked from the tree, the rind is removed and the nut and mace are separated. The nut will then be dried and smoked. Having purchased this new harvest, you will be in need for sampling and testing for aflatoxin. In case you select Eurofins Survey for sampling the load of nutmeg in India or Sri Lanka, the aflatoxin test of this sample will cost you only 40 Euro!


Order your sampling in India or Sri Lanka at Eurofins Survey. By having your samples tested on aflatoxin by one of our local partner laboratories, you will be informed about the presence of any moulds in your purchased lot before transport. And therefore also before you make any transportation or storage costs. To make this even more attractive, we offer you this aflatoxin test in May and June for only 40 euro! Obviously you can combine this offer with any other tests to performed. Eurofins Survey can also assist you in pre-shipment inspections, we perform visual inspection of the environment before transportation.

Are you interested in having Eurofins Survey taking your nutmeg samples in India and Sri Lanka for analysis on aflatoxin? Or are you interested to learn in which other countries and on which other product we can perform sampling? Please contact our customer service at

Or to directly book you order by filling in the form in the following link:  /chain-of-custody-sampling-request-form